Our Team


              Megan McShane

Megan McShane, Founder

Megan is a certified yoga instructor registered through Yoga Alliance and has been instructing yogis for 11 years. She has studied under world-class teachers such as Bryan Kest, Lisa Pumper, Surendran Pandaran, Krishna Das, Krishna Ji and Preetaji of O&O Academy, Seane Corn, MC Yogi, Byron Katie and Dawn Feinberg.

Megan’s extensive background has been in Personal and Leadership Development. Over the past 10 years she has traveled the world and worked for Tony Robbins. Megan has a demonstrated history of working in the Professional Training & Coaching Industry and she is skilled in negotiation, coaching, sales, team building and management. She is also passionate about community outreach and has been a member of Big Brothers Big Sisters and also hosts an annual Basket Brigade during the holidays for those family’s in need. Megan holds a B.S. in Marketing, Advertising & Public Relations from Emerson College as well as a B.S. in Metaphysics from the University of Sedona. 


Megan believes in teaching with creativity and humility so her students can connect with and inspire others to practice and develop the skills to embrace the highs and lows of life on and off the mat. She is passionate about building community but her greatest pride and joy is being mom to her son Max.

Julie Hennessy, Instructor

Julie is a RYT500 instructor. She began practicing yoga in 2011 as a way to become physically fit, but quickly discovered its benefits for her mind and spirit as well. She strives to incorporate the practice and teachings of yoga into her daily life and encourages her students to relax and tune into their own bodies, to create a very mindful and personal experience.


Julie completed her 200-hour teacher training with the Boston Yoga School in March of 2016, studying with Ame Wren, Petra Ledkovsky, Brenna Matthews, Kevin Courtney, Chip Hartranft, Terry Cockburn, and Zachery Dacuk. Julie recently received her 300-hour certification from the Summers School of Yin Yoga with Josh Summers and Terry Cockburn, studying Yin Yoga, Functional Yang Yoga, Meditation and Traditional Chinese Medicine. She enjoys various trainings with Tias & Surya Little, of Prajna Yoga, including SATYA 1 and The Art of Healing: Yoga Therapy. She also completed a 50-hour Yin Yoga training with Bernie Clark.


Julie believes her yoga journey has only just begun, and she is constantly striving to learn more through trainings, books and especially from her students.


Julie Hennessy


Sandy McShane, Instructor

Sandy comes to Grace Yoga with over 30 years of experience, she brings to the mat each time a new, challenging and fun class that will make you want to keep coming back! Her expertise in anatomy and physiology as a Registered Nurse, Massage Therapist, Level 1 Yin Master, Reiki Level 2 practitioner provides not only a safe environment, but her passion to encourage and allow freedom for each student to explore their own possibilities in their physical and spiritual practice of Yoga.

Sandy McShane

Kara Reilly, Instructor

Kara began her yoga practice while working as a behavioral therapist in Boston. Yoga studios throughout the city became her sanctuary to “recharge”. In 2016 she dove deeper into her practice and completed her RYT 200 through Coolidge Corner Yoga in Brookline, MA. Kara loves to teach “athletic flows” set to a carefully crafted playlist. With extensive background in dance, she believes that sometimes fun, upbeat music can inspire you to try a pose you might not usually gravitate towards.


Kara believes yoga is so much more than a practice on your mat. It is a tool her students can use every day off the mat as well. She encourages her students to put the rest of the world on pause and be in their body while at practice.


Kara Reilly


Dawn Spunzo, Instructor

Dawn is a Yin, Hatha and Restorative Yoga teacher who has been teaching yoga on Cape Cod since 2013. She has completed 200-hour certification programs thru Kind Yoga and Boston Yoga School and has recently completed her 300-hour Yin Yoga certification from Summers School of Yin Yoga. Dawn is passionate about incorporating the benefits of yoga and meditation into everyday life and balancing Yang activity with Yin. For more info about Dawn visit: https://www.thedawnofyoga.com

Dawn Spunzo

Cristal Gould, Instructor

Cristal Gould is a certified instructor influenced by many styles of yoga. She has practiced under various teachers internationally; creating a balanced fusion fitting for first time yogis and seasoned ones alike. In 2011 she received her 200 hr while living in Florida where she was teaching full time and offering Yoga Socials throughout the communities. She’s happy to be back on Cape the past few years teaching and hosting sound baths. Cristal loves the chance to travel allowing her to have shared at multiple wellness festivals, international conventions and retreats centers at some of her favorite places. Her experiences are fun, intentional and heartfelt.


Cristal believes yoga is a gateway back to our true self and a powerful way to access spirit. “Yoga allows us to stimulate the physical, mental & emotional bodies and surrender completely to the moment.” She's excited to share with the lovely yogis at Grace Yoga!


Cristal Gould


Renee Carlson, Instructor

Hi! I’m Renee! I’m a mom of two who once lived a life of monotony and average-ness, counting down the hours until I could have a drink. I started a new way of life in 2018, one that didn't include alcohol but did include yoga.


And while I had been a practitioner for many years before then, it wasn’t until this pivotal time in my life that I started practicing yoga off the mat- a practice that brought light into all the dark places. 


I became a certified yoga teacher in 2019 and have been sharing the gift of yoga in studios across Massachusetts since.


My students say I’m a warm and energetic teacher with awesome playlists. They leave my class feeling refreshed and energized.

Renee Carlson

Juli Cabot, Instructor

Juli began her yoga life in the late 80’s, after years of competitive running and sports, her body began asking for something different. “Still physical, but unlike anything else, yoga is an expression of compassion towards yourself and your body".


She began teaching in 2007 after completing both 250 and 500 hours with Ana Forrest and a Baptiste affiliate. Juli uses heat, music, breath, and challenging sequences to motivate her students to create their own yoga magic. As a teacher who has experienced plenty of injuries and recent knee replacement, Juli encourages her students to modify postures into their own anatomy, mind, body and spirit.

Juli Cabot Pic.jpg

Juli Cabot


Rebecca Standish

Rebecca Standish, Instructor

Rebecca believes Yoga is learning to let go, to be present, be who you are and always stay grounded. As a yoga teacher she strives to introduce Yoga to people who are intimidated by it. She believes Yoga is for everyone and every body.  

Rebecca wants to make everyone feel welcome and comfortable during his or her practice. By making sure to offer many variations of the poses to ensure everyone gets the most benefit from each pose. She teaches Gentle, Yin and Restorative Yoga. Incorporating essential oils, meditation and guiding you through poses to help you melt the tension from your body and your mind, bringing you to a calming meditative state. 

When she is not on her yoga mat you can find her walking with her dogs in the woods, on the beach, riding the rail trail or kayaking around some marshes. 

Rebecca completed her 200-hour teacher training at Just Be with Pernille Monto. She completed Restorative and Yoga Nidra training with Maureen Miller, Yin Yoga training with Alicia Barry and she is also a Reiki practitioner

Tiana, Instructor

Tiana, RYT 200, began practicing yoga in 2017 but it wasn't until the fall of 2018 that it became a full time practice for her. After struggling with depression for years and normally using the gym as an escape, she realized how beneficial yoga was to her mental health as well as the physical. Learning to connect the breath to movement has taught her how to create mental space and clarity, both on and off the mat. Finally finding what sparks the light inside her she realized she wanted to help others ignite their own. She decided to pursue her teacher training with The Heron Dance, Yoga and Meditation Studio and received her certification in the fall of 2020. Her favorite style to teach is Vinyasa with a focus on mindfulness and mind/body awareness. Her hope is to help guide her students to cultivate curiosity throughout their practice as they get to know their body and mind better.