Class Descriptions


This signature class offers the perfect combination of the ultimate workout and work in. The room is heated to 90 degrees and offers option for students of all levels. So, you can take your practice up or down. This class cultivates mind, body and spirit leaving you with more awareness, humility and connection to yourself and with others. 


Fluid Flow is an all levels warm vinyasa yoga class. A playful class, exploring your edge, in a range of poses that are offered to either modified or embellished. The vinyasa practice becomes a moving meditation that creates strength, freedom and fluidity in the body and mind. As we ride the waves of breath in our yoga practice, we learn to ride the waves of change in our lives with more ease.



Restore and Renew

A restful and deep relaxation practice, slowing down bringing stillness to your body. With use of essential oils, meditation and props helping you melt the tension from your mind and body. Postures are practiced on your yoga mat seated or lying down while being fully supported with props. 


An inviting class that builds energy and endurance slowly, while using your breath and movement to create space in your body and mind. Appropriate for beginners and those looking to soften and modify their practice. This class offers plenty of modifications that will be presented to students with physical limitations. 



The practice of Yin Yoga has three principles: 


1. Move into a pose, play with your edge at 65% of your expression of the pose. 

2. Soften into the pose and become still.

3. Hold each pose over a period of three to five minutes.

This practice allows you to sink into your bodies fascia, opening blocked channels (meridians) and allow Chi energy to flow freely. Yin is very helpful in providing a calming effect to your nervous system leaving you relaxed and rejuvenated.